Monday, January 14, 2013

Pachyderm Sunset

Arriving at just the right time at Elephant Rocks State Park in Missouri I ran, camera in hand, through the trails to the top of the large granite rocks. As the sun was sinking I frantically setup my tripod to capture the amazing scene in front of me.

Pachyderm Sunset

Saturday, January 5, 2013

STL Skies

I discovered today that my photo 'STL Skies' made it into explore on Flickr two days ago. I wish there was a notification when this happens. Not that it changes much, but it would be nice to know right away.

STL Skies

In any case it was nice to have another image make it into explore. Guess I gotta get out there and shoot some more and try again.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

In the STL

Last night my plans fell through while I was close to St. Louis. Of course if you are always prepared a change in plans isn't always a bad thing. Well, I was prepared in that I had my camera with me to venture out on the Eads Bridge and photograph the St. Louis skyline. However, I was not prepared for the bitter cold. While I did have gloves and a coat I wasn't ready to walk on the ice covered walkway nor was I ready to be out for so long. Still, this is photography we're talking about so a little pain is always worth it.

The sky lit up quite nice as I was braving the ice. I couldn't run to the ideal location without catastrophic results and probably a hip surgery in my future. So, I fired off a few shots of the clouds and sunlight with the Arch in the composition. I'll process and share those later. For now I'd like to share two different photos from my ice capades trip out on the Eads Bridge.

The first is looking past the railing removing any element of the bridge and focusing on the skyline.


I like how clear this shot is and how nice the Arch stands out while still getting a look down the Mighty Mississippi. The reflections in the river add a lot to this capture as well.

Often times I like to stand back and show where a photo is taken, giving a little more context. In this next shot I wanted to capture elements of the bridge I was on and the path, which had a lot more ice on it the closer you get to St. Louis. Still, I wanted to capture some of this icy path, the traffic and still have the skyline in the composition. My lens isn't wide enough to compose the shot I really would have liked. In the end all of the elements are there.

Thirty Seconds In St. Louis

So, which image grabs you? Do you like the clean skyline looking down the river or do you like the included elements of the bridge?