Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I Scored The Chevrolet Camaro Facebook Cover!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Photo Spotlight ~ Skyview Panoramic

I'm not the first to photograph the very popular Antelope Canyon near Page, AZ. Still, as a photographer there are certain places you want in your portfolio. Antelope Canyon is one of those places!

There is Upper Antelope Canyon and Lower Antelope Canyon. I've yet to visit Upper Antelope Canyon. The spotlight today is on a photograph I captured at the Lower Canyon almost two years ago!

As you enter this subterranean world carved by water you first notice the flow of sandstone. As you move deeper into the slot canyon you are presented with an astounding light show. At times it is a soft glow of red, or a spot of bright sunlight finding it's way below. Other times it is so filtered from above that the sandstone is peach or purple.

For me it was when I looked up that I saw the real beauty of this special place. I saw both how far I had ventured below the surface and just how much the flow of rock above me glowed in orange, red, purple and the bright blue sky beyond. I had to capture this!

I set my tripod up so that my camera was looking straight up. I also made sure it was as close to the dirt floor of the canyon as possible. Then I laid on the ground and peered through my camera. I knew right away this was the shot I wanted to capture! This is the view above as you meander through this wonderland of carved rock.

'Skyview Panoramic' ~ Lower Antelope Canyon, AZ
'Skyview Panormaic' ~ Lower Antelope Canyon, AZ

So, you might be wondering why I would wait nearly two years to share the full photograph. As an artist I am constantly growing and learning. I knew then I wanted to capture all of the light and contrast looking up out of the canyon. I also knew I wanted two frames and that I would combine them into one finished image to create a panoramic view. It wasn't until recently, just the other day in fact, that I finally felt I had developed the captured light correctly and done this view justice.

Go see this in person! Experience the flow of rock and color as the light bounces down from above. Below I've mapped directions from nearby Page, AZ. While there I would also encourage you to see Horseshoe Bend.

Those of you who would like this photograph as artwork in your home will have to wait. I have something special in mind. More on that later. . . ;-)