Saturday, November 9, 2013

Photo Spotlight ~ Girl With A View

One of the places I was looking forward to seeing again while on the #GlassCamaro Adventure was Horseshoe Bend. The Colorado River flows towards you, past you and away from you in this very cool location!

Your vantage point is about 1000' above the river. It is difficult to convey the enormity of the view in front of you in a photograph. The photo I captured there is a composite of four separate images, to give you some idea of just how large it is. Merely by accident I captured Sarah sitting along the edge taking in the view. At first I thought "dang, someone is in my shot". That was the wrong response.

Sarah perched along the edge some one thousand feet above the river helps, to some degree, show the scale. However, it only helps. As always I encourage you to visit the locations I photograph. Only then can you truly see how awesome it is!

'Girl With A View' ~ Order A Print

To give you some idea of just where you need to stand to capture all of the view in front of you see the post below from my Instagram. I captured this photograph with +Google Glass while standing on the edge.

I also shot a quick video with +Google Glass. I enjoy having Glass along while I explore and photograph cool places like this! It provides me the opportunity to easily share #ThroughGlass behind the scenes.

So, how do you get there? I've mapped it for you from Page, AZ. It is very easy!