Friday, October 18, 2013

What Is The #GlassCamaro Adventure?

It's an adventure in your favorite car!

For me that car is the Camaro. The #GlassCamaro Adventure is a partnership between +Chevrolet and me, +Aaron Fuhrman.

The adventure started in Detroit. My wife, Amy, and I flew to Detroit from St. Louis. We met with the team behind the Camaro, ate lunch, laughed, and enjoyed a great conversation about the adventure ahead. After lunch we made our way down from the 300 tower at GM headquarters and outside along the river. There, just outside the doors, sat the 2014 Camaro SS Convertible. We were handed the keys, walked around this beautiful machine, and told to go have fun!

My wife and I enjoyed a 9+ hour drive home from Detroit. Once home I had a couple days before my bro-in-law, +Lee Myers, and I headed west. So, I was able to take my kiddos for a ride. The reactions were perfect. My 5 year old daughter, Ella, smiled from ear to ear. When it was pointed out she exclaimed "I can't help it!"

I picked up my 12 year old daughter, Kaitlyn, up from school. If you were ever 12 you'll know just how great it was for her to miss a bus ride home that afternoon. ;-)

Because I picked up Kaitlyn I had to take my 10 year old daughter, Emily, on a special drive. Just her and dad cruising. Emily giggled a lot.

My wife says to me the evening before Lee and I headed west "We need to buy this car.". Fellas, that was music to my ears!

Speaking of my wife. She was key in arranging this adventure. She stands behind me 100% as I work towards the goal of making photography a full time occupation. I'll be on the road during our 17th wedding anniversary, something I didn't want to miss. During the planning, when it was realized this was the case, she said "Go!, it's my anniversary present to you.". I would argue my wife is the best wife in the world.

The Adventure Begins!

Okay, not quite. The evening before we left I took my 7 year old son, Kyle, out to capture the Camaro in front of an amazing sunset. While driving to the location Kyle says "Daddy, I'm going to buy this car when I get older". Yep, he's my boy!

Now the adventure begins.

An early morning start in Missouri was stumbled for a bit when Lee says "I forgot my phone". I was ready to just leave him behind when he pats his chest and says "Oh, there it is". Good thing you found it Lee! ;-)

About a month ago Lee and I had photographed many great locations in Kansas City, MO. We knew we wanted to make a short stop as we drove through. We pulled off the exit and spotted The Kauffman Center right way. We pulled up front, pulled the parking brake and started shooting.

After our quick stop in KC we started through Kansas.

Our first night was spent in Denver, CO. The first morning we had breakfast at the Day Break Cafe. Breakfast was great! While eating breakfast Lee asked Colleen about locations nearby. We wanted a place to photograph the Camaro. Colleen told us about Red Rocks Park. Well, when you are driving a brand new Red Rock Metallic Camaro you have little choice but to go. ;-)

So we did.

Thanks for the tip, Colleen! After leaving Red Rocks Park we explored as much of Colorado as we could as we drove through. We loved it! Especially highway 24. My new favorite game is watching the G-Meter. ;-)

We have many photographs to share from the road. One highlight was driving along Mount Massive in Colorado.

We spent enough time in Colorado that we arrived in Moab, UT late in the evening. The next morning we set out to explore the Moab area. But not before giving the Camaro a bath. ;-)

We love the area around Moab! The Camaro obviously agrees with us as it roared through the beautiful scenery. Maybe in its Red Rock Metallic finish it felt at home in the surrounding red rock landscape?

Yep. That's what it was.

The best part of traveling is meeting new people. And we did just that while cruising through the canyon roads. We noticed a painter along the river and pulled in behind her. She was setup beside a beautiful white +Chevrolet Tahoe. Her name was Barbara and after chatting with her for a few minutes she said her husband used to build the motors for Camaro's in the 60's! How cool is that? Barbara, at one point in her life, spent 15 months on her motorcycle traveling the states. No swanky hotels for Barabara, she camped. We were kindred spirits!

Barbara told us that her husband was itching to buy a new Camaro. He was trying to hold out until they sold their ranch. After Barbara looked over the 2014 I imagine she'll give him the green light to get his Camaro a little early. ;-)

Link to Barbara's website:

Thanks for the great conversation and enthusiasm about our adventure, Barb! I hope we meet again, soon.

After dropping the top and posing for a picture with Barbara, she took the photo I don't have it, we set our sites on Dead Horse Point State Park. Our goal was to capture a great sunset. We did just that!

I was soooo excited my hands were shaking! I ran through the landscape looking for the perfect composition. All the sudden there it was. The little twisted tree holding onto the edge of the canyon. It was too perfect and I was the only one there. The sunset was glowing on the distant horizon. I was happy with that. Then the light show started. Awesome!

The next morning we pointed the Camaro towards Monument Valley and enjoyed the open road along the way.

We were concerned about the cloud cover as we approached Monument Valley. The last thing we wanted was a back drop of white at this iconic location. We were excited to see great texture in the sky above these towering buttes!

Monument Valley is amazing! We did not take the Camaro on the dirt road, but still enjoyed the amazing view from the visitor center. Look at the cars on the road. That should give you an idea of the scale of this amazing western landscape. Just stunning!

So, that brings you up to date. I'm posting this from our hotel room in Page, AZ. The Camaro is calling my name from the parking lot. We have Horseshoe Bend, Valley Of Fire and many other locales on the list as we cruise to Las Vegas as our next stop.

You can follow along on my Facebook accounts here and here. I'm also posting updates from Instagram.

Much more to come. Hopefully quicker updates from here on out. ;-)