Thursday, October 17, 2013

Where Are We Now? Where Have We Been?

I'll Try To Answer This Fast!

First, we are in Coos Bay, OR. Driving the coast is fun and takes a long time. ;-)

Here on the blog I last updated you at Page, AZ. I'll run you through our adventure as fast as I can as Lee and I point the Camaro north yet again. We are determined to make Olympic National Park despite being a day or two behind.

When we left our hotel in Page we went straight to Horseshoe Bend. This is an amazing location the Colorado river has carved out of the earth. It is difficult to share the size of this amazing spot on our planet. Incidentally I captured Sarah enjoying the view here. I think it helps, but you really need to see this yourself!

Here at Horseshoe Bend we also met Pam and Debbie. We've become friends and I enjoy seeing their pictures from Arches and other parks Lee and I had to skip because of closures.

Oh, here is a quick video I captured with +Google Glass while photographing Horseshoe Bend.

After leaving Horseshoe Bend we set our sites on Zion National Park. Despite being closed we knew we could drive through. Pam and Debbie confirmed this for us.

We were told not to stop and take pictures as we entered the park. At least I think that's what he said.

While we didn't get much in the closed park. I did break the rules a bit. I wasn't the only one.

Leaving Zion our focuse turned to a destination of Las Vegas with a stop at Valley Of Fire. Sadly we were running late and passed Valley Of Fire in the evening. We stopped in Vegas to rest and hoped to get some of our work uploaded. This was not going to happen as internet service would become an ongoing issue starting in Vegas and would not be resolved until we reached Eureka, CA! More on that later.

I don't have much to say about Vegas. Lee and I walked around for about 30 minutes the evening we arrived. We drove the strip once in the morning and then we left.

Death Valley was now on our radar. This desolate location is amazing. Talk about feeling like an ant on this planet! First we noticed the textures as we moved closer to sea level.

Then we moved below sea level, 100 feet below to be exact. The area is so vast you cannot comprehend the size!

The +Chevrolet Camaro looked great there! We had the top up because the temps shot up to 80 and the sun was harsh. Even though we were enjoying temps in the 60's before driving into Death Valley.

We also finally found a road we could make use of!

Our next stop after Death Valley was Lone Pine, CA. I'm going to stop here as we need to hit the road.

I'll pick up in Lone Pine, which we loved, next. I'm also working on a post dedicated to our amazing ride during the #GlassCamaro Adventure!

See ya on the road!